The JH after-service ‘Foyer Hangout’ is a virtual space for you to get together after the 9am and 11.30am church services in Jesus House.
The ‘Foyer’ is hosted by JH Radio and you’ll be joining various leaders and members of your Jesus House family for an informal hangout and catch-up whilst getting to listen to some great music and also have opportunities to learn some really cool stuff and handy tips.
Security is uppermost in our minds so we’ve implemented a registration and waiting room regime before you can access the foyer. Simply register by clicking the button below for the service you’ll be attending and you’ll have a customised access link sent to your email.
Please DO NOT share the link with others. It’s unique to you and for YOU only.
There will be some focused breakout side-rooms that you can go into from the main foyer... Please indicate your choice from the drop-down list of preferred room where you will like to be assigned to.
Want to visit more that one of the siderooms? Yes you can.
You will still need to pick your First choice room only but you can exit that room at any time, return to the main foyer and put a message in the chat box asking the moderator to transfer you to your next choice room.
Enjoy the service and enjoy your time in the foyer afterwards!!!

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