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Sun, 09/07/2017

7News 1504 2012

Sun, 15/04/2012

Weekly Events and activities at Jesus House.

Wunmi Sowemimo Interviews MoTru

Sun, 03/04/2011

Wunmi Sowemimo has an indepth interview with worshipper MoTru about her latest album, her inspirations and other aspects of her life. Also reading scriptures from The Bible.

An Interview with one of the J-Factor Pioneers

Sun, 03/04/2011

Yemi Folayan interviews J-Factor creator Fola Oyeyinka on the up and coming J Factor event as well as tips for budding constestants and the future of J Factor itself.

Mike Aremu

Mike Aremu - Guest Minister

Pastor Deola Mensah

Pastor Deola Mensah, Pastor-in-Charge at RCCG Jesus Sanctuary in Lagos, will be the gue

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